The Benefits of Using Knuckle Boom Cranes for Precise Lifting and Placement in Civil Projects

A knuckle boom crane is a heavy equipment used in construction projects. It’s designed to maneuver like the human finger. It has two booms, an outer and the main one, which enable it to fold like a finger. This feature allows it to extend to high heights for lifting, one of its core functions.

The crane’s lifting ability makes it useful in different industries, like construction, logistics, and warehousing. As a civil engineer, do you stand to benefit by using knuckle boom cranes?

The answer is yes; here’s what you’ll enjoy:

knuckle boom crane

Increased Productivity

Productivity is an aspect most, if not all, civil engineers desire to achieve. However, it’s not always achievable, which can be detrimental to projects in many ways. Overall, unproductivity reduces the number of projects you can take up within a given period.

Using knuckle boom cranes from CanopyLift crane hire increases productivity. They’ll lift heavy objects and materials to where they’re needed quickly. It’s unlike using workers, who will take several hours to do the heavy lifting. As a result, more tasks can be accomplished in a day.

Additionally, your workers will not have to perform repetitive tasks daily. You’ll allocate them other tasks that contribute to the completion of your project. Doing so increases their productivity, giving you value for the money you pay them as wages.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Whichever project you take, you want to ensure your clients are satisfied with the end product. Failing to satisfy your customers has a negative impact on your reputation, and it may result in losing clients, potentially leading to business closure.

Using this lifting equipment increases customer satisfaction. As already stated, the knuckle boom crane increases the speed at which you execute projects. Therefore, you’ll deliver civil projects within the agreed period. Also, this tool ensures precision as it meets your needs, ensuring quality in all you do. Overall, quality work and faster project delivery ensure customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Safety

Safety in civil construction projects is paramount. The numerous activities on site raise the risk of accidents, highlighting the importance of safety precautions. Accidents on site can also lead to lawsuits and the need for compensation, which eat into project money.

Knuckle boom cranes enhance safety in your civil projects. They lift objects with precision, minimizing the chances of dropping or mishandling. The same can’t be said when workers are doing the same tasks. Workers will likely drop objects on their feet and incur injuries due to their heavy nature.

Better Competitive Edge

Most civil projects require tendering, where the best candidate wins. It means competition is an everyday thing you must combat with.
Utilizing knuckle boom cranes gives you leverage over your competitors. Civil projects differ; some are complex, while others are simple to execute. Many civil engineers prefer simpler projects due to their ease of execution and the availability of accessible tools.

Knuckle boom cranes use advanced technology, enabling you to take up complex civil projects and execute them effectively. It’ll give your company a good reputation and a competitive edge over others. You’ll likely get more clients, which is a plus.

Reduced Costs

Effective cash flow management is crucial in construction projects. By utilizing knuckle boom cranes, civil engineers can reduce costs and improve cash flow by eliminating the need for hiring additional workers and expensive equipment, ensuring a more efficient allocation of financial resources.

Moreover, knuckle cranes enhance safety in civil construction sites. There’ll be minimal risks of accidents; therefore, you won’t need to make high premium payments for your workman’s compensation insurance coverage.

Furthermore, faster project execution is one of the benefits of knuckle boom cranes. You won’t experience delays that require you to extend the stipulated project timeframe. Exceeding the project timeframe will require additional resources. You’ll need to pay your workers for more days and hire heavy equipment for the extra days, resulting in increased costs.

Increased Profits

As a civil engineer, you aim to make profits from the projects you take. Profits allow for business growth, serving as a measure of success. Knuckle boom cranes increase your chances of making profits.

As previously stated, these cranes enable you to execute projects faster. Therefore, you can take up as many projects as possible without worrying about not delivering. The more projects you execute, the higher the profits you’ll make.

Also, with these cranes allowing you to deliver quality projects within the stipulated timeframe, you’ll likely get many referrals from your previous clients. You’ll always have projects to execute day in and day out, giving you constant cash flow that grows into profits.


Based on the discussion, it’s evident that knuckle boom cranes are advantageous for civil projects. You get to execute civil projects easily and still achieve quality and efficiency. Therefore, if you have an upcoming civil project, it’s highly recommended to consider utilizing knuckle boom cranes.

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