Planning to Create an All-White Bathroom? These are the Ways to Keep Them Clean

An all-white household is surely a sight to behold! The minimal, modern, and chic look is desired but requires a lot of upkeep. While keeping an entire house clean and retaining its all-white chicness is a mammoth task, keeping one-bathroom pristine takes almost the same effort.

An all-white bathroom is the most visually pleasing aspect of a household. Even if the rest of the home has a different aesthetic, the appeal of a stark white bathroom is undefeated. But to maintain the immaculate allure takes some effort. So, if you are planning to create an all-white bathroom, stick around till the end to find ways to keep them clean.

all white bathroom

The All-White Allure

From the ancient Greeks to the modern world, white championed all other colors as the supreme shade. The primary reason for white’s superior hold over the color spectrum is mainly because of how it reflects all other wavelengths of light and dirt and/or other things that show up on a white background.

White preserved its prestige because of how hard it was to clean and keep clean. White has been and continues to be a big status symbol of hygiene and purity. Greek emperors wore an all-white toga, priests donned white robes, while mausoleums, churches, and other religious establishments were built with white marble or painted white.

All-white clothing and architecture became the emblem of royalty, chastity, and purity. The Taj Mahal, built entirely of white marble, is one of the last remaining examples of white excellence. Even 391 years after it was built, the achromatic whiteness of the Marvel retains its grandeur.

The All-White Home

Casa-Blanca, or the all-white home, comes from the all-white era throughout history. However, colorful tiles and walls were all the rage in the ’70s and the all-white charm took a backseat.

But as culture contemporized, the all-white architecture slowly crept back into the scene. And the all-white home was reinstated as an icon in haus-couture (yes, that is a word).

Cluttered wallpapers and bright tiles in bathrooms vanished from interior designs, while minimal and simple layouts swerved in. Textured walls and cozy spaces are featured in magazines and Pinterest boards. An all-white house, big or small, felt right.

Whether or not your house boasts a white interior throughout, you can always jump on the all-white trend in your bathroom. A white bathroom conveys a calmness that is essential when you’re winding down after a long day.

The All-White Bathroom

Research has shown that we spend an average of one and a half years over the course of our lives in the bathroom. That is a lot of time! It just goes to show how essential bathrooms are in our lives, and it doesn’t hurt to beautify the one space we spend so much time in.

An all-white bathroom sounds and feels like a tranquil space. Imagine staying in a luxury hotel, you’re jet-lagged, and the only thing you’re looking forward to is a nice, hot shower.! But let’s face it. If the ambiance isn’t set, you won’t be de-stressed the way you’d want.

However, if you notice, hotel interiors can be different colors, while bathrooms are mostly neutral tones, in shades of white. And if that says anything about hotel showers feeling great, it is that white contributes to the relaxing element.

You can also bring the chill vibes of the hotel showers into your home with an all-white bathroom. But keeping the walls, scummy shower floor, and glass clean and all-white can be one heck of a chore.

Ways You Can Clean Your All-White Bathroom

Don’t let cleaning an all-white bathroom scare you. Follow these tips to ensure an all-white bathroom stays all-white all the time.

● Design Right:

If you’re designing or renovating the bathroom, make sure to locate it where it is brightly lit and install flat grouts.

● Sponges to the Rescue:

Sponges will be your best-friend. There are some great eraser-sponge things out there that help get rid of stains in a jiffy!

● Storage Containers:

Organize your belongings in separate containers. This will make cleaning easier and your bathroom more organized.

● Don’t Procrastinate:

Procrastination, in any case, is problematic. So don’t put off cleaning your bathroom until the month’s end. Wipe counters, mirrors, shower floors, and glass often.

● Don’t Use Chemicals:

Bleach and chemicals are rough on your tiles. So water and simple cleaning agents and soaps are good enough!

● Don’t Litter:

Pick up the towels and your dirty clothes. An all-white bathroom loses its appeal with tissues and floss loitering around.

● Less is More:

The fewer things you have in your space, the bigger, brighter, and whiter your bathroom will look! Keep only the essentials.


We hope you enjoyed this article! An all-white bathroom takes effort to clean, but the end-result is soothing. Share this with your friends and family to drop hints about using a tip or two to keep their bathrooms all-white. Bathroom cleaning can be quite a piece of work, so we hope these tips make it easier for you!


1. How do I clean the grout in my bathroom?

Ans: Grouts are a pain to clean. You can use the good old trick of scrubbing with a toothbrush and some bleach or soap. Clean grouts will make the space look bigger. But brushes can be rough and leave stubborn scratches.

That’s okay, though, because you can find some great grout-cleaning tools on the internet. They’re gentle and not abrasive on the floor, and they do the job much faster than scrubbing away with a toothbrush would. To keep the grout from getting dirty, you can wipe it down every now and then, using a special grout cleaner or just a damp cloth.

2. My glass shower gets dirty often; how can I keep it clean?

Ans: Glass showers are easier to clean! To make sure they stay clean, prepare a DIY solution of one part vinegar and 2 parts distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray the glass and wipe it with a linen cloth every time the glass starts to get a little foggy.

Another trick that works is letting the solution stay on the glass. Wait a few minutes and wipe away the dirt afterwards. Glass cleaners also work, but they can, over time, stain the glass, so spray sparingly. Sometimes warm water and microfiber towels can do the job, unless the glass is too dirty.

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