How To Make Your Construction Business More Energy Efficient

The construction industry is competitive, and you will face many challenges during the construction process.

One of the most important aspects of construction is the equipment and machinery used to do the hard work. And those don’t run on air (yet!), so having sufficient power on your site is vital!

A quick and sure way to get started is to apply for a temporary power supply.

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Energy Efficiency in Construction

Being energy efficient is important, especially for the construction industry.

Development and construction are ever-increasing, and adopting methods that support the reduction of harm to the environment should be the cornerstone of developing and growing our cities.

Construction goes hand in hand with energy consumption and vast amounts of it, and whether the power being supplied to operate and run a project stem from a temporary power supply or a permanent power connection, capitalizing on energy efficiency should be the building blocks of your business.

Implementing environmentally conscious practices, or investing in energy-efficient equipment, will reduce your electricity consumption and your costs, allowing you to allocate your resources efficiently and hopefully save money whilst you are at it!

Invest In Digital Technology

The technology of equipment used in the construction industry is ever evolving. The machinery and tools used in the construction business have come a long way, with ultra-modern equipment available for you to dig into and dig with!

The great thing about investing in modern equipment is its dual benefits.
Besides making your construction business more efficient, there is the obvious benefit of reducing your energy consumption and being more efficient.

The best digitally driven equipment on the market has been designed with innovative technologies focused on energy efficiency, and if you do not get on board, you will be left behind!

Even though it may be scary to change from what you are used to, adapting to greener ways will undoubtedly benefit your business in the long term.

Reduce Water Waste

Water waste is inevitable during construction. Being conscious of the amount of water used during construction will contribute to your business being more energy efficient.

Enquire about ways to minimise water wastage during construction and team up with a business water supplier that understands your needs and whose service offerings align with your energy-saving goals. Once the dust has settled, you will be more energy efficient!

Shop For The Best Power Suppliers

Getting a power supply to your construction site can be a daunting task. In the absence of an existing permanent connection, you may need to explore a temporary builder’s supply to enable you to commence construction.

The UK has various energy suppliers, and a large number of suppliers you can partner up with allows you to choose the best supplier for your business needs.

Understanding your power requirements is the first step and will enable you to select an energy supplier that can cater to your demands. If you are starting a project, keep in mind that the location impacts the energy supply abilities; therefore, you have to shop around before committing!

Know Your Business Energy Needs

Not all energy suppliers can necessarily cater to your construction needs for a particular site or project.
Therefore, when you need to decide on the source of your energy supply, identifying the right one to get the job done is crucial!

The duration of your project is for example, a factor to consider in understanding your energy needs. Should your project be for prolonged periods of time, you will require a more permanent connection as the temporary one only serves as a limited-time power solution (a temporary power supply is for a 12-month period only).

Another factor to consider is the size of your project. Power supplies are available in different power capabilities. There are 1-phase or 3-phase options depending on your construction site or project needs.

For smaller projects, you could use a metered 1-phase connection. This would constitute a small temporary connection and is up to 70 kVA.

For bigger projects of a commercial nature, a 3-phase connection would be ideal. This would constitute a large temporary connection and provide you with more than 70 kVA.

In your application for the builder’s temporary supply, you will need to specify the size of the construction project and in doing so have a better understanding of your power supply needs.

Thus by knowing what your construction needs are, you will be able to select the best supplier and save costs on energy bills.

Select The Right Power Supply

Depending on your construction project’s nature, location and size, you may need to establish a power connection, rely on an existing power connection or transfer a temporary power connection to a permanent one.

If you need a temporary builder’s supply, it will grant you access to water and an electricity connection and ensure everything runs smoothly on your site.

These permits are used during construction work or any type of building activity and are your key to the city!
Make work of getting your temporary power supply to start and complete your construction project without any snags! Just select the right supplier, and let the building begin!


Green energy alternatives on construction sites, like energy-efficient power tools, newer machinery and renewable energy resources, will ensure your construction project can continue through blackouts and allow you to complete and deliver the project in time!

Power up your new equipment with a temporary supply of power to get you going as soon as possible! If you have to work on a site with no supply or existing connections, getting a temporary supply of power is the answer.

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