Unit Weight of Building Materials [A Complete List].

In today’s article, you are going to learn the unit weight of different building materials used in construction.

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Before starting you should know that what is Unit weight?

The specific or the unit weight is the wight per unit volume of a material.


Unit Weight of Different Building Materials.

Following is the list of 75 different building materials and their unit weight in Kg/m3.

Unit Weight of Building Materials
Sr. No.Material.Unit Weight.
01.Portland Cement1440 Kg/cu.m
02. Rapid Hardening Cement1250 Kg/cu.m
03.Plain Cement Concrete (P.C.C)2400 Kg/cu.m
04.Lime Concrete1900 Kg/cu.m
05.Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C)2500 Kg/cu.m
06.Cement Mortar2000 Kg/cu.m
07.Cement Plaster2000 Kg/cu.m
08.Lime Plaster1700 Kg/cu.m
09.Common Bricks1600 Kg/cu.m
10.Broken Bricks1420 Kg/cu.m
11.Water1000 Kg/cu.m
12.Dry Clay1600 Kg/cu.m
13.Damp Clay1760 Kg/cu.m
14.Dry, Loose Earth1200 Kg/cu.m
15.Dry, Loose Sand1440-1700 Kg/cu.m
16.Gravel2000 Kg/cu.m
17.Silt2100 Kg/cu.m
18.Sedimentary Rock2600 Kg/cu.m
19.Igneous Rock2700-3000 Kg/cu.m
20.Metamorphic Rock2700 Kg/cu.m
21.Mud1600 to 1920 Kg/cu.m
22.Rubble Stone1600 to 1750 Kg/cu.m
23.Aggregates1750 Kg/cu.m
24.Ballast1720 Kg/cu.m
25.Granite2450 Kg/cu.m
26.Marble 2650 Kg/cu.m
27.Sandstone2250 to 2400 Kg/cu.m
28.Limestone2400 to 2640 Kg/cu.m
29.Chalk2240 Kg/cu.m
30.Cement Slurry1442 Kg/cu.m
31.Cement Concrete Block1800 Kg/cu.m
32.Timber (willow)420 Kg/cu.m
33.Timber (Teak)630 to 720 Kg/cu.m
34.Timber (Maple)755 Kg/cu.m
35.Timber (Sal)990 Kg/cu.m
36.Timber (Larch)590 Kg/cu.m
37.Timber (Birch)670 Kg/cu.m
38.Timber (Mahogany)545 Kg/cu.m
39.Steel7850 Kg/cu.m
40.Stainless Steel7480 Kg/cu.m
41.Cast Iron7203 Kg/cu.m
42.Aluminum 2739 Kg/cu.m
43.Tin7280 Kg/cu.m
44.Copper8940 Kg/cu.m
45.Asbestos Cement Sheet12 to 15.6 Kg/cu.m
46.Galvanized Iron Steel (0.56 mm)5 Kg/cu.m
47.Galvanized Iron Steel (1.63 mm)13 Kg/cu.m
48Mangalore Tiles with Battens65 Kg/cu.m
49.Brick Masonry1920 Kg/cu.m
50.Dry Rubble Masonry2080 Kg/cu.m
51.Glass2400 to 2720 Kg/cu.m
52.Alcohol780 Kg/cu.m
53.Vegetable Oil930 Kg/cu.m
54.Gasoline670 Kg/cu.m
55.Nitric Acid (91 percent)1510 Kg/cu.m
56.Sulphuric Acid (87 Percent)1790 Kg/cu.m
57.Ice910 Kg/cu.m
58.Light Charcoal300 Kg/cu.m
59.Graphite500 Kg/cu.m
60.Coal Tar1010 Kg/cu.m
61.Pitch1010 Kg/cu.m
62.Dry Peat560 to 640 Kg/cu.m
63.Anthracite Coal1550 Kg/cu.m
64.Rubber1300 Kg/cu.m
65.Bitumen1040 Kg/cu.m
66.Slag1500 Kg/cu.m
67.Ashes650 Kg/cu.m
68.Clinker750 Kg/cu.m
69.Plastics1250 Kg/cu.m
70.Nickel8908 Kg/cu.m
71.Petrol720 Kg/cu.m
72.Diesel745 Kg/cu.m
73.Heavy Charcoal530 Kg/cu.m
74.Shale Gas2500 Kg/cu.m
75.Tin7280 Kg/cu.m

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